3451 Saint Laurent Boulevard, 2nd floor 
Montreal (QC) H2X 2T6
Call us at (1) 514-815-3306
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3451 Saint Laurent Boulevard, 2nd floor 
Montreal (QC) H2X 2T6
Call us at (1) 514-815-3306
Email us at

Weve just been throughan industrial revolution.

The geeks have taken over.

More than a decade after the dot-com bubble, turn-of-the-century prophecies ring true.
OMG,WOW,FTW!!! We totally live in a digital world.

It used to be allabout impact.

Big Media + Big Idea = Big Awareness.

You cant trap your audience in an enclosed space anymore. Now they roam free in a sea of content.
You can target them all you want, but there’s no way theyre sitting through your ads like they used to.

Stop shooting atyour customers.

Start propagating relevance.

And customers will turn their sights on you. (Let that thought sink in for a moment.)
Customers wont pay much attention to noise, but they crave relevant messaging and content.
And they will actively seek it out.

Start beingthe target.


Add a chapter to your old playbook. Change the way you look at your marketing.
Weve entered the relevance economy. Where winning brands turn meaning into value.

Naumann makes sure you’re there. Here’s how:

Make them care.

Wrap your brand in what matters to your customers.

Share your knowledge.

Develop “Like”-worthy content to stay top of mind.

Leverage your own media.

Harmonize the user experience across your digital channels.


Nicolas Ritoux

President and Founder


Nicolas Ritoux is the product of the collision of the geek scene, where people understand how technology changes everything, and 15 years of communications in the mainstream media, where his own thinking was shaped by the digital writing on the wall. 

The rules are changing. Nicolas founded Naumann to help change them. His guiding principle: content is not just king, it is the cornerstone of the relevance economy. He is the ideal candidate to provide brands with strategic messaging, platforms and content in a world where meaning something doesnt just matter, it pays real long-term dividends. Hes already done it for variety of Canadian clients, from publicly traded companies to local names and up-and-coming start-ups.

Nicolas grew up in Paris and has called Montreal home since 1998. He holds a M.A. in Communications from Université du Québec à Montréal.